SEPTEMBER 15TH, 2023 Marrakesh, Morocco
Connect in the Red City Marrakesh's Nomad Meetup!
Join Us for 5 Incredible Days in Marrakech!
  • Dates: 15th - 20th September 2023
  • Location: Marrakech, Morocco
  • Venue: Luxury Villa in the heart of Marrakech's vibrant culture
  • Price: $645 per person for 5 nights or $129 per day

[About The Meetup]
Join us on the 15th of September for the 1st Digital Nomad meetup in Marrakesh, where luxury meets big action! Whether you're beginning your nomad journey or ready to take your existing business to new heights, this 5-night event is the perfect opportunity to connect and grow. Surround yourself with top talent and immerse yourself in collaboration within a luxurious villa in the Red City. Unleash your potential, find your next opportunity, and make lifelong connections at this unforgettable event
Connect with fellow nomads in our stunning Marrakesh villa - a perfect blend of comfort and elegance
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Get ready for an unforgettable experience with Nomads Meeting in Marrakech!
What You Get:
  • Stay
    5 nights in a beautiful luxury villa.
  • Connect
    Unforgettable networking with fellow digital nomads
  • Enjoy
    Marrakech's unique culture, food, and scener
  • Grow
    Valuable insights, collaborations, and opportunities
  • Relax
    Amenities including pool, terrace, Wi-Fi, and more.
$645 *
Early-bird ticket.
Limited to the first 5 tickets.
6 Reasons Why You Can't Miss Marrakesh's Nomad Meetup!
  • Affordable Luxury
    Stay in a lavish villa in Marrakesh without breaking the bank. Enjoy the elegant surroundings and live like royalty at a fraction of the cost
  • Network & Connect
    Rub shoulders with fellow digital nomads. Exchange ideas, forge partnerships, and create opportunities that will transform your life and work
  • Unforgettable Experience
    This meetup offers more than just talks and networking. Expect engaging activities, surprises, and an atmosphere that screams fun and creativity.
  • Work & Play Balance
    Need to work? High-speed Wi-Fi keeps you connected. Want to unwind? Enjoy the comforts and amenities tailored for digital nomads.
  • Inspiration Hub
    Hear from successful entrepreneurs and seasoned nomads. Leave the meetup with a fresh perspective, new ideas, and the motivation to take your next big step.
  • Invest in Success
    Every moment spent at this meetup is an investment in your future. Grow, learn, enjoy, and see the return on your investment multiply in ways you've never imagined.
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